Children's Church and Crèche

WHERE: Children's Church - CHURCH HALL
Crèche - THE HUT

WHEN: Most Sundays during Church Service (except Children's Church for Family Services)


TIME: Crèche - During service
Children's Church
12pm - 12.30pm

AGE GROUP: Crèche - Babies and toddlers
Children's Church -
kids in pre-school - Year 8 (1st form)

Refreshments and full supervision provided! Please feel free at any time during the service to leave in order to attend to young children.

Facilities are available in the Church halls.

Children's Church co-ordinator: Ethel McKibbin

Children's Church Leaders:
Maybeth McQuitty, Doris Wilkinson, Rosalind Booth,
Jackie Andrews

Wilma Cairns, Roberta McMurran, Pamela Buchanan

Lesley McFaul, Ruth Campbell

Crèche Co-ordinator: Ethel McKibbin

Graphics courtesy of First Baptist Church, Lake Jackson