Hillhead Church, Ballycarry

Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

Matthew   VI   20


AT BALLYCARRY TOWN, Presbyterians abound,
Well-woven and banded together;
And the Church at Hillhead, where God's word is spread
Is filled in all kinds of weather.

It was at this Church that my grandfathers prayed,
And worshipped the God they adore,
Every Sunday - how good and how pleasant it is
To learn to love Him more and more.

The site it is good - the view unsurpassed,
Erected on top of a hill;
In the silence of worship and quiet of things
God's plan is made known by His will.

There we learn of the Father who created all things,
Of the Son - that died on the Cross;
And repentance from sin - to be brought home to man,
Revealing our gain by His loss.

We learn to love all humans walking the earth,
To look for the needy and see -
Every one on the road - to lighten their load,
And help all that's weaker than we.

The children likewise are carefully trained,
To search in the scriptures and be
Like unto the Master, who said when on earth -
"Let the little ones come unto me".

Ballycarry! thy name sends a thrill through my veins,
That will last while I here have got breath;
And the famed Hillhead Church, with thy friends I have known,
Can be severed only by Death.

And Death - the last enemy known on earth,
When conquered - then new life begins,
And we go to be with Him in that home prepared,
Where "no more He remembers our sins".

Lord! teach us before Thy day of grace ends,
Get a brother - to share of Thy store;
And receive that "well done" come into my courts,
And happily dwell evermore.