Sunday Life

Morning worship takes place at 11:30am each Sunday (11am  during July and August) and monthly evening services are held at 7:00pm as announced, generally September - April.


Services are a mixture of traditional and less formal formats, such as our monthly Family Service, but the message is still the challenge of the Gospel; to know God and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

The teaching of our children about God, Faith in Jesus, and the Christian life is requested of us by God and promised by us as a congregation and by parents at the Baptism of each child. We value the privilege of teaching a child or young person and seeing them grow in their faith.

Sunday School:  begins at 10:15am for children aged 4-13.    See "Activities" for more information.

Bible Class:  begins at 10:30am for young people aged 13 and over.    See "Activities" for more information.

Crèche:  available during the morning service.    See "Activities" for more information.

Children's Church: begins around 11:50am for children up to age 12.    See "Activities" for more information.